How to Pack for a Conference 

There’s nothing worse than going to a conference and feeling totally unprepared. If you’re anxious like me, then your anxiety levels are already at an all time high at conferences. Having everything I need takes the edge off a bit. To help make your next conference easier, I’ve created a packing list. Here’s what you’ll need: Cardigan/Sweater/Jacket Conferences are always freezing cold. The last one … Continue reading How to Pack for a Conference 

How to Battle Your Anxiety at a Work Conference 

Conferences can be overwhelming especially if you have anxiety. If you’re anything like me, then you get anxious sitting there with a few hundred people worrying about having a panic attack in front of everyone.  (Photo By: clarita) This past week I went to a marketing conference in Orlando where I was surrounded by hundreds of IT peeps. At times, I was struggling to sit … Continue reading How to Battle Your Anxiety at a Work Conference