How to Throw a Disney Bachelorette Party

Looking to have a magical and unforgettable bachelorette party? Disney is the place to be! I’ve always been a huge Disney fan. So when it came time for me to plan my own bachelorette party, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Disney did not disappoint. They made this huge moment in my life memorable.

When to Go?

Obviously, you’ll want to go on your bachelorette party within a month or two of your wedding. I went on mine exactly one month before and luckily the timing was perfect. September is the least crowded month at Disney because kids are back in school. Besides Labor Day, there aren’t any big holidays or events. However, we were able to catch the beginning of the Food & Wine Festival.

If you plan to go to Disney during peak season, make sure to go during the week instead of the weekend. This was our agenda:

Thursday: Arrive, check-in and visit Disney Springs
Friday: Day 1 in the park
Saturday: Day 2 in the park and clubbing in downtown Orlando
Sunday: Go home

There were hardly any lines the entire time we were there. The Food & Wine Festival wasn’t crowded at all on Friday night, but Saturday it was insane!

Where to Stay?

Staying on Disney property is extremely expensive – probably more than your crew wants to spend on your special trip. I used Airbnb to find a condo, Wyndham Bonnet Creek, on Disney property. While we didn’t get Magic Hours (an hour before the park opens), our condo was only 5 minutes or less from all of the parks. Plus, it had 4 beds, a kitchen and many hot tubs and pools outside.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek

Location: Wyndham Bonnet Creek 
The cost:
 Around $600 – only $100 per person for the entire 3 nights!

How to Prepare?

First, I had to call all of my friends to see if Disney was within their price range and when they could go. It’s not the cheapest trip and it did require some PTO, but it’s totally worthwhile. Once everybody was excited and on-board, the planning officially started!

If there’s anything you’ve learned about me from my previous blogs, it’s that I love to plan. I love creating schedules and itineraries – weird, I know. Here’s what I did:

  1. Found a place to stay. As you saw above, I found somewhere affordable and spectacular for our trip. Everybody paid me back when we got down there either using cash or Venmo.

  2. Got everybody to buy tickets. This was a little difficult because one of my girls was in college and couldn’t afford her ticket until later. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a ticket, you can’t schedule your fast passes. It didn’t end up hurting us because it was a less crowded time to go and you can only schedule them 30 days in advance if you’re not staying on property.Also, my sister-in-law and two of friends bought one of my tickets. Originally, we had planned to go to the park one day. I didn’t want people to feel obligated to shell out $200 for tickets alone.

  3. Signed everyone up for the My Disney Experience app. This is the app to have if you’re going to Disney. It can be a little glitchy, but it definitely helped get everyone on the same page. Once everyone was signed up, I could link us all together.If you need assistance with this, I definitely recommend calling Disney or booking your trip through Dream Mickey (a Disney travel company that doesn’t charge a cent extra for their services) where they will walk you through how to use this.

  4. Coordinate and schedule fast passes. As soon as we were all linked, I was able to schedule fast passes for everyone from my app. You will definitely want to check with everyone in your group to see what they want to ride.Here’s the email I sent out:
    EmailHere’s the fast passes we scheduled:Friday – Space Mountain, Splash Mountain & Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at the Magic Kingdomsplash mountain

    Saturday – Rock ‘n Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror & Toy Story Mania! at Hollywood Studios

  5. Made dinner reservations. Since it was the Food & Wine Festival, Epcot was super crowded. We only made one dinner reservation because we had planned for only one day in the park. Reservation: San Angel Inn Restaurante at Epcot – It was a little pricey, but we definitely enjoyed being able to sit down and relax for awhile. Our reservation was later at night so we had more time at the other parks.  Mexico is one of the most beautiful world showcase in Epcot! When you walk in, it’s like you’re in another city. Plus, you can get these amazing ponchos (pictured below) and I got mine with a 10% discount – make sure to tell them you’re getting married and are on your bachelor party!Mexio Worldshowcase
    Saturday, we couldn’t find hardly any restaurants without a few hour wait. The lines for the kiosks were insane! You could barely walk through the World Showcase. Later on, we got lucky and the Tutto Italia Ristorante on the bar side.

  6. Designed shirts for all the girls to wear. One of my friends actually made the shirts with her vinyl machine and heat press. I gave her the design I wanted, ordered the vinyl and sent her the tanks I bought from Old Navy. They turned out so adorable!Disney Shirts

  7. Made travel arrangements. Not everyone in the group I invited knew each other, but most lived nearby. Instead of everyone traveling separately, we had a group of 4 that rode together. I just made the connections for that to happen! Another girl and I traveled separately and had plans to meet up earlier.If not everyone in your party knows each other, it may be good for you to be the middle person when it comes to making travel arrangements.
  8. Shopped for outfits and packed. For most people, you’ll only ever get one bachelorette party. So remember that these pictures are going to be around for a long time. You’ll want to look back at them every so often to remember what a wonderful time you had. Your bachelorette outfits are extremely important, but then again, I’m a clothes diva.
    Thursday Night: A loose dress (didn’t want to mess up my spray tan), Rainbow flip flops and a bride-to-be-sash/br>Friday at the Park: Bride shirt, 7 for All Mankind blue jean shorts, white converses and sequined Minnie earsSaturday
    Saturday at the Park: Black Nike shorts, bride shirt (again – we washed them!), white converses and sequined Minnie earsSaturday Park
    Saturday Night: A red peplum dress with nude Steve Madden heels (big mistake) and a bride-to-be sash

What to Do in Disney Springs?

Out of all my Disney trips, this was my first time to go to Disney Springs and I LOVED IT! It’s like the French Quarter in New Orleans and Beale Street in Memphis…you can walk around with alcohol throughout the entire place.

The biggest bonus…there’s entertainment around every corner. At one point in time, I was participating in a rap battle.

The next time I was dancing to music with a guy in a bedazzled Ferrari outfit.

Later that night, we went to the Bongos Cuban Cafe where we danced around the restaurant while tossing a napkin in the air. The overall favorite of the night was being sung “Happy Marriage to You” (set to the tune of “Happy Birthday”) by our waiter at Paradiso 37. Plus, they gave us a free dessert.

This is a great place to get your Minnie ears before going into the park!

How to Do Walt Disney World Parks in 2 Days for a Bachelorette Party?

Taking on Walt Disney World in two days is quite a challenge, but it’s definitely doable. Hell, I’ve done Disney in one day – my engagement! Here was our agenda:


6:00 AM: Got up early and got ready!

8:00 AM: Called an Uber and headed to the parks early to purchase our tickets for Saturday.

8:30 AM: Bought tickets for Saturday and got in line. Some of the girls were able to get a discount even though they bought their first ticket months before. Unfortunately, three of us weren’t able to because we bought our tickets through a 3rd party.

8:45 AM: Made our way into the Magic Kingdom.

TIP: While the park normally opens at 9 AM for the general public, they’ll normally let you in around 8:45 AM. So, it always pays off to get there early.

9:00 AM: Headed straight for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (it is the newest ride in Disney and it has the biggest line) and the rest of Fantasyland. Small kids don’t start rolling into Disney until around 10 AM or later. The next ride should be Peter Pan as it always has a long wait.

From there on out, we worked our way through all of our fast passes. Then, went and got more. To be honest, we were able to walk on most of the rides with little to no wait. Use the My Disney Experience app to check wait times before heading to an attraction.

12:00 PM: Ate lunch at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom.

4:30 PM: Finished up the Magic Kingdom and headed to Epcot on the Monorail and started drinking around the world!

TIP: My dad taught me how to really do Disney right! If you have the park hopper pass, you go to different parks during the day like Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Then, you go to Epcot for the rest of the evening where you eat at a different country each night.

9:00 PM: Called it a night and headed back to the condo to rest before tomorrow’s big park day.


8:30 AM: Called an Uber and headed to Animal Kingdom.

8:45 AM: Entered Animal Kingdom.

9:00 Headed straight to Everest. It is one of the longest lines at the park!

12:00 PM: Headed over to Hollywood Studios on the free park-to-park buses.

1:00 PM: Entered Hollywood Studios and grabbed lunch. Then, headed straight to Star Tours since we had fast passes for the other big rides.

3:00 PM: At this time, I went back to the condo and relaxed for a bit. The alcohol + the rides + the heat + being tired = need for relaxation. The rest of the girls went there separate ways. Three of them went to Epcot and two of them went to Disney Springs to watch football.

5:00 PM: Met the gang at Epcot to finish up the day at Walt Disney World. We drank some more and found a seat at the Italian restaurant.

9:00 PM: Headed back to the condo to get ready for clubbing in Downtown Orlando.

10:00 PM: Went clubbing in Downtown Orlando at Cuba Libre. We’d heard about it from the World Showcase employees.

Disney Tips to Make It Magical:

  • Get free buttons to wear! Your girls can say “I’m celebrating” and you can get the “Happily Ever After” button.
  • Make sure to volunteer for things – they will normally pick you if you’re wearing bride shirts. See the video below where they had me participate on the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.
  • They will give you discounts if you ask. Let them know it’s your special trip! 
  • They give you free things or magical moments like Gloria did! She let us pick out a marshmallow treat each!

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