Health Tap Prime Review

I am a self-proclaimed anxiety-ridden hypochondriac. My anxiety is mostly centered around medical issues like strokes, blood clots and brain aneurysms. Don’t ask me why because as far as I know I’m perfectly healthy.

One night a few weeks ago, my husband had to go out of town for work and I started to have a panic attack, a severe panic attack. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach my husband who was passed out from his eventful day in the New York office (Side Note: There’s one thing to know about my husband… he’s my rock! Every time I panic, he helps me get through it. I’ve never met someone so patient and helpful).

So, I got on Health Tap to ask a doctor a free question, but it could take days for them to answer. How was that going to help me right now? On the site, I saw an ad for the Health Tap Prime where you get unlimited, free consultations with doctors via video, phone or text. It was advertising it for $99 per month. Whoa! Sticker shock. There’s no way I’d want to pay $99 for this service. However, I found a code online for $39/month (get the code here.)

After signing up, I was immediately patched through to a physician who helped me calm down and realize I was okay. He let me know there was no emergency and I did not need to go to the ER.

Since then, I’ve used it at least 20+ more times for little things here and there. Some are simple questions about my medication and others are more difficult to diagnose over a video call. I’ve only had one bad experience where a doctor just could not handle one of my anxiety attacks. He didn’t provide good insight and refused to listen. HealthTap customer service actually gave me a call about my satisfaction on that consult.


  • Speak to a certified doctor via chat, phone or video
  • Receive 24/7 around the clock care
  • Get prescriptions from virtual consults
  • Receive great customer service from the team at HealthTap


  • Not truly “unlimited” like they promote – I believe they only allow 8 consults per week
  • Some doctors are quick to get off the call and don’t fully listen to you
  • Costly if you don’t have a promo code
  • A crutch for those who have anxiety

My recommendation: It’s totally worth it for $39/month. As soon as it goes up to $99/month, I’ll have to cancel my account. It’s just not worth it to spend that much on a medical service when you have insurance.

However, that price may be reasonable for someone who has a lot of children or doesn’t have health insurance. I think it’s an additional $10/month per person.


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