4 Ways to Preoccupy Your Time on a Road Trip When You’re Anxious

You have strength inside of you that you have yet to discover

Long road trips can be especially daunting! If you aren’t used to being in the car by yourself for long periods of time, then it may cause a bit of anxiety – or at least it does me. Trying to keep your mind busy during this time can be difficult, but there are things you can do:

  1. Listen to a book on tape.

    This is my absolute FAVORITE thing to do! You can rent a book from Cracker Barrel. There’s always one not far off the exit and they’re only around $5 to rent it for a week. You can also open an Audible account and download one free book. You’ll just need to make sure you have an AUX cord to plug into your phone or tablet. You may want to download the book to your device before you leave or you’ll end up with some crazy data overages.

    You could even go to your local library and rent some books on tape for free!

  2. Make a playlist with hours of your favorite songs.

    Music can be the key to boredom. As for me, I’m not a huge music person – weird, right?! However, it does the trick for a lot of people. If you have unlimited data, then you can stream. If you don’t, then you’re going to want to download a whole bunch of music to your device. You can even go old school and listen to CDs.

  3. Think about your thoughts.

    This causes more anxiety for me, but a lot of people love to meditate for anxiety reasons. Meditating for me only hurts. My mind must not be powerful enough to shoo away bad thoughts.

    One way I’ve been able to distract myself is by recording blogs on my phone. Clearly, I can’t write them down as I drive. So, I voice what I want to write about. It “kills two birds with one stone” by adding to my blog and dissipating my anxiety.

  4. Use a hands-free device to make phone calls to friends and family you haven’t spoken to in awhile. 

    A car trip is the perfect time to catch up with those old friends and family members of yours that you haven’t talked to lately. Now, I’m not saying this is right for everyone because you may not be able to focus properly on the road (if you try this at home and it results in a wreck, I’m not responsible for it).

    When I have an anxiety attack on the road, this really helps me! I have a certain group of people I can call when I’m freaking out and they help me distract myself.

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