5 Steps for a Stress-Free Wedding Morning

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.

It’s been awhile since my last post. Let me explain… I got MARRIED! You can now call me Mrs. T – hehe!

Since I just got married, I can navigate other brides through all the stress, tears and disorganization because I’ve been there done that. Let’s just say I’m definitely a pro at this now.

One of the most stressful parts of being a bride is the morning of your big day. Internally, you’re freaking out and trying to race the clock to get everything done.

Here’s the 5 things I learned to make the morning of your wedding day less stressful:

1. Create an itinerary for yourself, one for your bridal party and one for your guests.

Yes, I know you’ll probably be called overbearing and OCD, but on your special day you’ll definitely want to have it all planned out especially your morning festivities.

Make sure to send out wedding itineraries the week before. If you send them out before, people will lose them. If you send them out late, they won’t get them.

This is what my itinerary looked like…

6:30 AM – Wake up, dry your hair and eat breakfast

8:00 AM to 10:00 AM- Hair and makeup 💄

10:45 AM – Leave for the ship. All bags must be packed.

11:00 AM – Arrive at the ship and get checked-in. Meet with wedding coordinators.

12:00 PM – Eat lunch 🍴

12:30 PM – Get ready 💍

1:30 PM – Pictures 📸

1:45 PM – Arrive at the ceremony.

2:00 PM – Ceremony begins.

2. Eat breakfast and lunch.

This is nothing special or out of the ordinary, but you’ll need your strength to make it throughout the day. So, eat up!

3. Get lots of sleep the night before.

Unfortunately for me, this did not happen. My drunk brother decided to make things “interesting” for everyone.

If a situation does arise (and with family around – it very well may happen), I suggest you try to relocate to another place to sleep. Or stay out of the drama -like I unfortunately did not.

Be prepared! Bring some earplugs/noise-cancelling headphones and an eye mask!

4. Do the grunt work the day before.

On my way to Orlando, I called both my wedding planners, my hair and makeup stylists and family members attending.

You’ll be so thankful you confirmed everything. And if you hit any snags, you’ll have some time to fix them.

Try to get your spray tan, nails and other beauty appointments done the day before. You won’t want to worry about fitting it in your busy schedule the day of.

5. Put one person in charge.

This may be your Maid of Honor, mother, father or sister. Somebody needs to handle phone calls for guests and keep you on schedule. If there is any setting up, you’ll want to draft other people to do it other than yourself. No need to get yourself all freaked out over the tiny details.

Ultimately, you need to just enjoy the day and go with the flow! Things are going to happen. So, just roll with it!

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