5 Relaxing, Inexpensive Staycations

Sometimes all you need is a mini-vacation in your own backyard or city to put you back on track. Life can be stressful and relaxation is a must to survive this thing we call life.

If you a. don’t have the time or b. don’t have the money, then these 5 relaxing staycations are just what the doctor ordered.

  1. Turn your backyard into an exotic oasis. You can swing in a hammock or lay out on a blanket to bask in the sun. Bring your favorite book or magazine to occupy your time.

    No backyard? No problem. Go to the nearest park with a blanket and a good book. Relax the day away basking in the sun. You can even pack a picnic lunch with all of your favorite foods.

  2. Visit your local museum or art gallery. Or just go somewhere where you can learn something and it’s quiet. This is all about escaping the chaos we call life and allowing your body and mind to rest.

    Don’t have the money? A lot of museums have a day or night where you can go visit the museum for free. That’s right, my friend, ZERO dollars.

  3. Go to your nearest body of water. Whether it’s the beach (oh, how lucky you are), a lake or even just a creek, let the water soothe your soul as you float along or relax beside it.

    No water? No worries. Buy a $10 kiddie pool from Walmart and fill ‘er up. Enjoy the day by your very own body of water.

  4. Set out on a camping adventure. Set up shop in your backyard or find a campground preferably in nature – no KOAs, okay? Sleep under the stars or relax by the fire. Don’t forget to pack the s’mores.

    Don’t love the outdoors? Bring out a candle or start up the fire. You can roast marshmallows inside by the lantern.

  5. Bring the spa to you. You can relax in the tub or give yourself a manicure. If you’re significant other is around, maybe you can take turn giving each other massages.

    Want to bring the professionals to you? Download GLAMSQUAD, an app that brings the hair stylists and make up artists to you.

What staycation do you think you’ll take? Let us know in the comments below.

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