8 Calming Techniques to Prevent an Anxiety Attack

“I try not to worry about the future – so I take each day just one anxiety attack at a time.”

-Tom Wilson

Anxiety attacks can be very scary especially if they come out of the middle of nowhere. When you feel vulnerable and you can’t protect yourself, it can make your anxiety escalate. However, if you know the signs, then you can tell when it’s about to happen.

When it reaches that point, it’s best to try different techniques to help the anxiety subside. The best thing I can do is get my mind off of it and try to relax. Now, I completely understand it’s much, much easier said than done, but you will learn how to do this. It won’t work every time, but for me, it works 90% of the time. Try out my favorite 8 calming techniques to stop an anxiety attack:

  1. Get someone to rub your back. If you don’t have anyone around, you may want to invest in one of those portable back massagers.
  2. Watch TV. Put on your favorite funny TV show or movie to try to lighten the mood and get your mind off of what’s happening.
  3. Color. Pick up an adult coloring book and keep it with you. When you start to feel the anxiety coming on, take out the book and get lost in the world of art.
  4. Journal. Write down what’s bothering you. Just thinking through a situation like that can help you realize that everything is okay.
  5. Talk to someone. Call up your best friend or one of those free hotlines. Tell them what’s going on. Chit chat until your heart’s content!
  6. Take a bubble bath. Hop in the tub and feel the warm water encompass you. Step it up a notch with a lit candle, a book and soothing music.
  7. Exercise. Just take off running. Or go for a long, relaxing walk in your neighborhood or local park.
  8. Meditate or do yoga. Go to the park and take out your yoga mat. You can sit there or practice some of the poses from your favorite yoga YouTube video.

What do you do to calm yourself when you feel an anxiety attack coming on? Tell us in the comments below and you could be our next guest blogger!

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