How to Survive a Road Trip by Yourself

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures”

-Lovelle Drachman

I love a good adventure, but sometimes getting there can get to my anxiety. It tends to come on strong when I take to the road by myself.

For others, driving the open highway can make calm their nerves and serves as a form of therapy. But, everyone can take some pointers from this post.

Here are 7 tips on how to survive a road trip by yourself:

    1. Check the mechanics of your car. There’s nothing more nerve-racking then driving down the road and worrying about your car. I always have my car checked out to make sure my tires aren’t going to randomly blow or I’m not going to breakdown in the middle of nowhere. FREAKY.
    2. Gather supplies. Okay, so maybe I over prepare, but I always gather my supplies before heading out. As a safety precaution, I always have a couple bottles of water or Gatorade in the car. Since my sugar gets low, I keep a few protein bars, too. You never know how many miles away you may be from a convenience store at any given time.

      Here’s a few things you may want to bring:
      – 3 or 4 bottles of water
      – A few snacks
      – A cellphone charger
      – Headset or earbuds with a microphone (if you planning on talking on your
      phone at all)
      – Germ-X

    3. Let someone know where you are going. It’s always nice to have someone watching your back or checking up on you. If someone doesn’t hear from you, then they can send out a search party or notify the authorities.

Find something to preoccupy your time.

      No, that doesn’t mean you need to be surfing the web or watching a Netflix video. It means: rent a book on tape from Cracker Barrel, create a playlist on your phone so you don’t have to stream with your data, or listen to your favorite talk radio show – on repeat.

Map out your trip.

      While your GPS on your phone may be God’s gift to us directionally challenged people, it isn’t always right and can cause issues. So, map it out before hand. Plan where you’ll want to stop. And plug it into your phone right before you leave.

Stop and smell the roses.

      Unless you’re on a mission to get to your destination, take some time to stop and relax. I’m not saying you need to take a two-hour walk or anything, but it wouldn’t hurt to stop and get a good meal. Cracker Barrel is always my go-to place. I can pick up a good book-on-tape and a Southern meal while barely straying from the interstate. Or try out a local spot unique to the area.

Try to break your trip if you can.

      When I was traveling to my dad’s house in Memphis, I had a long journey ahead of myself. Instead of completing a 9-hour trip in one day, I broke it up. I spent the night at my nana’s house which is an hour out of the way, but definitely broke my trip up. Not to mention, it was an enjoyable pit stop because any time I get to see my 95 year-old nana it’s worth it.


    On the way back, I stopped by my old college, Tennessee Technological University, to visit the campus. While it wasn’t quite the pit-stop I had at my nana’s, it still made the trip a little more enjoyable.

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